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With technology improving at a rapid rate these days, we are hearing quite a bit about the movement of various businesses to increasingly digital environments.

More and more business each year is conducted online through digital forums, and though this results in increased efficiency and flexibility in work places, it also means that we rely more heavily on electronics.

And to make up for this reliance, there are always newer technologies and trends coming out to simplify the process of working in digital environments. For example, consider advanced file sharing.

A hot topic for many online businesses and websites, advanced file sharing comes in various shapes and sizes, from established protocols and servers known as FTP, to independent programs and services from companies like Citrix Share File.

But the basic concept behind these various sources for advanced file sharing is the same: they are all designed to make business communications more organized, efficient, and secure. Here are a few words on the specific benefits offered by advanced file sharing services.

File Transfer Capability

While the average document or small file is relatively easy to transfer via ordinary email and similar services, larger and more complex files can be problematic. With access to an advanced file sharing service, your business will be able to move these larger and more complex files with ease between employees and clients.

Needless to say, particularly for businesses that frequently rely on such files (presentations, video and sound clips, lengthy documents or large collections of documents, etc.), this sort of easy transfer option can greatly improve efficiency in the workplace.

File Transfer Security

In addition to allowing people involved in your business to transfer large and complex files, advanced file sharing services can also provide you with increased security on such transfers.

Most of these services can be set to require log-in names and passwords, and some have advanced security options, such as file encryption and file tracking. These types of features can help you to be absolutely certain that sensitive work-related files end up in the right hands.

Work File Organization

Finally, transferring work files via advanced file sharing services can also result quite naturally in improved organization for business-related documents and files. When moving such files through ordinary email, it can become far too easy to let work files become buried with other emails and files.

However, if your business relies on a file sharing service or system, you can be more certain that all of your work files are stored separately from other files. This is not only a more organized system, but it is also a form of security in and of itself!


FTP Explained

The letters FTP stand for File Transfer Protocol, and that’s exactly what FTP allows you to do – transfer files from place to place.

The most common use for FTP is to download files from the Internet to ftp servers. When downloading a file from the Internet you’re actually transferring the file to your computer from another computer over the Internet.

Most often, a computer with an FTP address is dedicated to receive an FTP connection. Just as a computer that is setup to host Web pages is referred to as a Web server or Website, a computer dedicated to receiving an FTP connection is referred to as an FTP server or FTP site.

The virtual ‘key’ to get into an FTP site is the UserID and Password. If the creator of the FTP site is willing to give everyone access to the files, the UserID is ‘anonymous’ and the Password is your e-mail address (e.g. name@domain.com). If the FTP site is not public, there will be a unique UserID and Password for each person who is granted access.

When connecting to an FTP site that allows anonymous logins, you’re frequently not prompted for a name and password. Hence, when downloading from the Internet, you most likely are using an anonymous FTP login and you don’t even know it.

To make an FTP connection you can use a standard Web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) or a dedicated FTP software program, referred to as an FTP ‘Client’.

Today many people use a sophisticated FTP client to get files to and from their web sites. You just launch the program, enter some basic information (such as the site address, account name and password) and connect. Once connected, you can usually just drag and drop files from your own hard drive to the site.

Our preferred solution for FTP transfers is CuteFTP. This software boasts with a lot of added functionality and is one of the most advanced yet easy to use ftp software.

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FTP Search Engines

Looking for a great FTP Search engine? Below we have compiled a list of the best FTP Search engines available online.

If you know of another, please don’t hesitate to comment and I’ll be sure to include it on this list.

Happy FTP Searching!

The following sites provide FTP Search Engines:


Global File Search is a very big FTP search engine. They have a new feature that can scan recent FTP server which is visited by people making this latest feature informative and very helpful.



Mamont is a Russian file search engine. Some say that this search engine is the biggest FTP search engine use to finding FTP servers.




FTP search is a FTP search engine used to finding downloads for free. Free images, mp3s, freeware or shareware files found on the net.




Napalm FTP indexer is the mostly maintained by their members and has a decent search engine for FTP search engine and FTP indexer.




File Watcher is a FTP search engine can be easily used to find contents and directories.





FileMirrors – Anonymous URL sharing and file searching service.





Search 22 –  All-in-one FTP search page. Links to top FTP search engines, FTP servers and file download sites



Oth.net –  The Media Search Engine





FTP search v3.4 Sweden





FTP Search Lore




RPM – Offers search in RPMs content and search of ftp servers






Find File – Search more than 800 Mio files. Download documents & ebooks, videos & images and etc.




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