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Before I assume that everyone reading this knows about CuteFTP  I will share it again. Cute FTP is a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client used to transfer files between your computer and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers.

We recently started a series of Tutorials on using CuteFTP.  But today we will tackle one of the most common support questions received from CuteFTP users.

It is usually encountered by CuteFTP users when they upgrade to Windows XP SP2 and then try to connect to the server, it fails! This happens because right after the installation, the Windows Firewall automatically blocks unsolicited connections to your computer and vice versa and also the ports needed to be able to connect to the FTP server.

There’s only one solution to this, and that is to configure the Windows Firewall settings and add the port necessary to connect to any FTP server. Here’s the work-around on how to allow incoming connections through port 21:

* NOTE: Port 21 – a reserved port in TCP/IP networking utilized by the FTP. CuteFTP starts a session to be able to connect to this port on FTP server, in the same way that the server responds via the port 21 with messages prompting the client for a username and password.


1.  Open Control Panel > Security Center

2.  Click Windows Firewall –  a dialog box will pop up.

3.  Click on Exceptions tab > Add Port, a dialog box appears.

4.  On the Add a Port dialog box, key in “FTP” on the Name field and “21” on the Port field. Make sure that TCP button is ticked.

5.  Click OK.

Before trying to see if you can now connect to your FTP server, make sure that CuteFTP is set to Port mode.

If you are using  CuteFTP Home:

1.  Open Site Manager > click on the site with problems.

2.  On the Type tab, under Data Connection change the setting to Use PORT.

If using CuteFTP Professional and Lite:

1. Open Site Manager > right-click on the site with problems > click Properties.

2.  On the Type tab, under Data Connection change the setting to Use PORT.

I hope that this has been helpful to you.

Until Next Tim, Enjoy your CuteFTP! 😉

Peter – Your CuteFTP Guide


Hello There!

Did you just purchase CuteFTP? Are you new to this type of software? Have you been looking for step-by-step instructions on how to get around and start off using your recently bought CuteFTP?

If your answer to all these questions is a big YES, then scroll down and learn the easy ways on how to utilize CuteFTP and save yourself alot of time and money!

We will give you a series of tutorials on CuteFTP’s how-to’s. To start off, on our first tutorial we will provide you with both written and visual steps on how to manage sites using your CuteFTP. In managing sites there are three basic operations: create/add, edit and delete.

Here’s how to create or add a new folder or directory:

1. Click on New Folder icon on the top menu.

2. Type in the name of your folder or directory, then click OK.

To rename, just right click on the folder or directory and type in the new name.

To delete a folder or directory, just do the following:

1. Highlight the folder or file that you want to delete and click on the X button located on the top menu.

2. You will then be asked to confirm if you want to proceed with the deletion. If you choose to decide, just click on Yes, but if not, click No.

To view folder or directory contents, you don’t need to download the folder to make the checking and editing possible. Just click on the file and click on Edit button on the top menu.

You can watch the video tutorial here:

Check out CuteFTP 8.0 here!

Hi Guys!

cuteftpIf you already own CuteFTP  I know you too are very thankful to have your own copy of CuteFTP running on your computer to manage your file transfers fast , easy as 1-2-3 and secure.

The most important function of any FTP application, is its connection capabilities. To be exact we need an FTP that has a connection wizard to take us step-by-step in setting up a new FTP connection, has better management of the connected sites, allows multiple connection to different sites, stays connected to site even when without activity and many more.  CuteFTP is the only FTP software that I know that has qualified!

Top Connection Utilities that CuteFTP delivers:

1. Step-by-Step Connection Wizard

Connecting to an FTP site has never been made easier than with CuteFTP’s wizard. To get started you just click on the Star Wand . This will bring up the Connection Wizard dialog box. Enter the host address and sitename CuteFTP will then automatically connect you to the new added site and save it to your Site Manager.


2. Site Manager

An address book which stores all the sites, it allows you to perform operations on each site such as: Rename, Delete, Connect and more. Within the site Manager, you can also export or import site data as well as address books from 3rd party FTP clients or previous versions of CuteFTP. Its data can also be encrypted with a password to ensure security and protection.


3. Quick Connect Bar

CuteFTP gives you faster means of re-connecting to a site with the use of Quick Connect Bar. Just choose the site you want to connect to from the drop-down menu, its username and password fields will automatically be filled in and then click Connect. You can also create a new site and add it in the Site Manager from the Quick Connect bar.

There are two ways to add the Quick Connect Bar by:

a. Go to File menu > Connect > Quick Connect; or

b. Press Ctrl + F8 on your keyboard.


4. Proxy /Socks / Firewall

Whatever type of connection you are connected in, CuteFTP can still connect you to the Internet with the help of its Proxy. On the Proxy Settings page,  you can choose different proxy connection options. CuteFTP gives you the option to configure the proxy settings manually or automatically by detecting the Internet Explorer’s proxy settings.

5. Smart Keep Alive

The Keep Alive feature allows you to stay connected to those sites that automatically disconnect you whenever there’s no activity taking place.


6. Multiple Connections

You can connect, browse and navigate multiple sites at the same time, one feature that other FTP clients don’t have. Each connection window is separated by tabs.

And many more….

What a Great Tool!  Get yourself a copy or tell someone someone who might appreciate it to Check out more of CuteFTP. If you already own CuteFTP you can upgrade to the latest version. Just request CuteFTP upgrade here.

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your CuteFTP Guide

cuteftp Hello Friend,

Many FTP Clients have been developed today, and as the cliché goes, each claiming that they are the best FTP client ever and it goes on and on.

In my own search for the top FTP Client I found one with features that spoke louder than words this is GlobalScape’s  CuteFTP.

Some of you maybe asking what is an FTP client?  It is simply a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client used to transfer files between your computer and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers.

Whether you would like to publish a Web page, download the latest digital images, music, or software, or if you are just transferring large files between your home and office, Cute FTP gets the job done every time.

I’m no computer pro just an ordinary computer user whose daily task revolves around customer support and team-based projects. Using CuteFTP was a walk in the park. Very simple and user friendly.

CuteFTP has some excellent features which I must share with you.  The top 3 for me were the following. I won’t spoil the fun discover the rest and share!

Here are my top 3:

1. Backup Features (Local and Site)


With this feature you do not have to worry if your ISP letting you down, you have full control and peace of mind because CuteFTP performs a backup on your local site.

Regretful days are gone for not creating a backup files as you don’t  have to do it manually anymore. You can now have a backup on a schedule without having to do it manually. It’s quick, easy and secure from your computer to the remote server.

2. Step-by-Step Connection Wizard

As I’ve said, I’m no computer pro, having a guide has been a huge help in making things easier and quicker for me than resorting on searching on the web for hours on How tos’.

3. Transfer Resume – No more Trash Files!

resume-settingsIn relation to the intermittent connection  that most of us get I am so thankful that compared with other FTP clients, I don’t need to worry about  getting trash files from the interrupted transfer due to connection problems. With CuteFTP, I can resume the transfer from where it has left off, without creating a trash file.

These are just 3 of the top features I love about CuteFTP  from a mediocre person’s point of view. You can discover more features…

If you already own CuteFTP and are missing out on the new features you may upgrade here.

Until next time 😉

Peter – Your CuteFTP Guide

read-more1 GlobalSCAPE has again proven to the world who’s the leading developer when it comes to secure information exchange solutions. Recently, the US Army, considered as one of the most powerful Armed forces in the world ordered a multi-million dollar worth of new product licenses of Secure FTP Server and CuteFTP. The purchase associates to GlobalSCAPE’s 36 months product maintenance and support services.

This is not the first time that the US Army chosen to order from GlobalSCAPE. They have also had previous substantial orders dated back in 2005 and 2007.

GlobalSCAPE’s secure file transfer solutions were deployed as part of the of the Single Army Logistics Enterprise (SALE), it’s an Army initiative that specializes in the information technology which tracks the personnel, equipment, munitions and supplies.

“We are very pleased to continue supporting the Army in delivering the secure information exchange solutions necessary to enable their mission-critical logistics systems,” GlobalSCAPE President and CEO, Jim Morris says. “GlobalSCAPE’s role in developing and sustaining market-leading solutions that deliver distinct information advantages to our government and commercial customers is something we take very seriously. This is our third substantial contract award with the Army and further validates our business strategy to pursue the difficult software certifications and validations necessary to compete successfully in the government sector and within regulated commercial industries.”

Due to this recent order, GlobaSCAPE received the Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) from the U.S. Army Network Technology Command and Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 validation. The FIPS 140-2 validation has been required by most government departments like Department of Defense (DoD). The integrity of such technologies like GlobalSCAPE’s should also be implemented on health care companies, financial and manufacturing markets, such pressure has befallen on these sectors to ensure that critical information is secure.

Get your own Secure FTP Server and CuteFTP now and be as secured as the U.S. Army.

Until next time 😉

Peter – Your CuteFTP Guide

upload1Any ordinary person transfers their files via email or instant messaging. Normally, these ways can only allow you to transfer a maximum of 10mb. Pretty enduring for any layman.

Unfortunately, this arrangement doesn’t work for IT Professionals. As the file to be transferred becomes larger, transfer time takes almost forever and sometimes even fail.

Here comes the existence of FTP’s . Its goal is to assure file transfers to be easy, fast and secure. Advantages that IT Professionals are looking for.

Among all the FTP technologies known to us, how can CuteFTP be a top option for pros? What does it offer and what are the best things about it that other FTP solutions doesn’t have?

Below are some of what CuteFTP can offer for the IT Professionals.

1. Wide-Transfer Options

a. Scheduled Transfers –Set a date and time for transfers to occur.

b. Concurrent Transfers -Allows transfer of more than one file at the same time

c. Multi-part Transfers -Allows large files to be split up in parts and be transferred concurrently.

d. Compressed Transfers -Lets you compress and decompress files with its built-in support for ZIP, CAB and GZIP/Tarball.

e. Site-to-site Transfers -Transfer files from one FTP server to another.

f. Turbo Transfer –With Turbo Transfer mode, file compression and multi-part transfer are automatic for speedier transfers.

2. Secure Transfer

a. FTPS -Strong 128-bit SSL negotiates connections and encrypts the data stream.

b. SSH Secured – Using public-key based authentication, gain secure connection to SFTP server

c. OpenPGP Encryption -Date transfer is more secured, whether sending or receiving, with automatic – PGP encryption and decryption.

d. HTTPS -Transfer securely using HTTP and HTTP over SSL standards.

e.OTP – Secure logins with One Time Password (OTP) authentication.

3. Better Management

a. Advanced Search – Search your files and folders easily on local computer or a remote server.

b. Podcast Manager – Automatically create and update your Podcast RSS feed when you use CuteFTP to manage your Podcast files. It even includes a Podcast subscription manager that automatically downloads new episodes, or lets you select only the ones that sound interesting.

c. Local Backup – Quickly and easily back up your computer to a remote server for added data security.

d. Integrate Editor – Allows you to perform quick edits of Web pages or other documents remotely.

Go ahead and try CuteFTP out and you’ll see what an awesome FTP partner it can be for you IT Professionals.

Until next time 😉

Peter – Your CuteFTP Guide

What Is FTP?

FTP Definition

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a method to transfer data between computers over the Internet or in a network.

I looked around a bit online to find a good definition of the term. Most definitions compare FTP to other file transfer methods such as HTTP, but it makes little sense to try to define it that way if you are a beginner. The Computer Encyclopedia cam up with a short and relatively simple one.

(

globalscapelogo1.pngGlobalscape, the maker of CuteFTP announced yesterday that the company has been accepted as a Participating Organization of the PCI Security Standards Council.

The PCI Security Standards Council is an open global forum for the ongoing development, enhancement, storage, dissemination and implementation of security standards for account data protection.

You can read more about Globalscape here and The PCI Security Standards Council here.
Until next time 😉

Malcolm – Your CuteFTP Guide

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